Hardener / Densifier For Concrete & Terrazzo

Flor-Sil Hardener Densifier for Concrete

For use In the Grinding, Polishing and Re-polishing Process. (Metal/Resin-bonded Abrasives) of Concrete and Terrazzo Surfaces.  Best for ULTRAFLOR® Polishing, or Re-polishing and Restoring Worn or Damaged Surfaces.
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Surface Densifying and Protective Treatment

Ultraflor Flor-Shield

Special formulation for combining silicate densifier with stain protection. Excellent choice for freezers and cold storage, grocery, and food service.

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Stain and Wear Protection for Polished Concrete

Flor-Finish Label ImageFormulated to protect with new and improved chemistry for easy installation. Ideal for high-gloss finish Polished Concrete, Stone and Terrazzo Surfaces or porous and non-porous concrete and factory-finished stone. 
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Low-Gloss Additive

Flor-Finish Low Gloss FLOR-FINISH™ Low Gloss Additive is specifically designed to create a low gloss finish on polished concrete floors.  Specifically made to add into our FLOR-FINISH™ product.

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Micronized Water Borne Dye

Flor-Color Label Image Recommended for use in the ULTRAFLOR® Polishing Process of Concrete and polished overlay Surfaces.


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Surface Hardening & Stain Protector

Flor-Guard Outdoor Label Image Enhances the Color of polished concrete surfaces. Formulated for use with PC-5614 Topping System.


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Reactive Surface Grout

Flor-Finish Label ImageNEW pin hole and void filler for polished concrete and for the PC-5614 Topping System.  Reactive product, superior results.

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Neutral pH Cleaner for Polished Concrete Floors

Flor-Clean Image FLOR-CLEAN™  is designed for cleaning polished concrete and exposed concrete flooring. Designed to be added to an auto-scrubber tank for daily cleaning operations.  


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