Flor-Clean DC


Neutral PH Daily Cleaner


FLOR-CLEAN DC™  A safe non-acidic daily cleaner with a neutral PH specifically designed for polished concrete surfaces and hard surfaces where water is used. The unique formula quickly removes soils and greasy messes, yet is completely safe and easy to use.  This product should be used in a auto-scrubber daily to remove surface soil and contaminates. FLOR-CLEAN DC™ may also be used in a higher concentration with hot water to remove stains or resistant soils from the surface. With no ammonia, no acid, and a pH neutral formula, this cleaner is safe to use on all types of concrete, terrazzo and natural stone or tiles surfaces.




Advantages & Benefits

For more information on application, please see the FLOR-CLEAN DCTIS SHEET AND FLOR-CLEANMSDS.