Flor-Finish Label Image

Reactive Surface Grout



DIAMATIC FLOR-FILL(RSG) is a cutting edge material that fills pin holes and other small voids in the concrete substrate during the grinding process. Designed to work with the PC-5614 Topping it also works well on polished concrete surfaces. This unique formulation combines our silicate technology to chemically react with the dust to produce a harder more dense surface. Filling the pin holes contributes greatly to surface refinement and increased gloss levels.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Reactive material 
  • Environmentally friendly ― VOC compliant 
  • Works quickly
  • Dilutes with water 2:1
  • Contributes to surface refinement
  • Hardens the surface while filling voids
  • 300 sq. feet per gallon after mixing


For more product information on application, technical and safety data, please see our literature page.