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ULTRAFLOR® Training Programs

The ULTRAFLOR® training programs have been designed by professional industry trainers. Here at Diamatic we teach only industry relevant cutting edge technologies. Our efforts are coordinated and run by industry leading trainer Clark Branum, who has more than 35 years experience in the concrete industry. Our support staff has extensive experience in the polishing and equipment industry. Our main focus is helping the installers understand the science behind the products and the process. We combine rich multi-media presentations with hands-on experience at all levels, so our Network of Installers is second to none in our industry. Come and train with the best and see why the ULTRAFLOR® Training Programs are a cut above the rest.



Diamatic Headquarters - San Diego
Northeast Facility - Philadelphia


 ULTRAFLOR® Certification Class


  • February 14-15
  • April 11-12
  • June 13-14
  • October 10-11

  • March 14-15
  • May 16-17
  • July 18-19 (CANCELLED)
  • September 5-6
  • November 7-8


NOTE: WEBINAR re-certification class is for current installers that need to be recertified.

  • upcoming webinars to be announced.  If you have employees that need recertification, please contact us. 

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    June 20th - 21st
    August 8th - 9th
    October 24th - 25th

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The 2-Day SILEX™ training and certification class has been designed to introduce our polishing system that utilizes a scientific approach and next generation technologies that will produce fully refined floors to their maximum potential while at the same time creating repeatable and quantifiable results.  By utilizing this systematic approach, you will be able to provide scientific data that describes the exact means and methods used to produce the floors the Architects, Owners or General Contractors ask for in the first place. 


The training class will consist of interactive instruction in both the classroom and hands-on with our diamond tooling, techniques, floor treatments, and equipment. The grinding and polishing processes that will be introduced will be utilizing both the walk-behind grinders and the SILEX™ Power Trowel Polishing System powered by VELOX Technology.     

The concrete construction environment has changed significantly over the years and contractors who improve their skills regularly are in higher demand based on specification led requirements; become a SILEX™ Certified Installer and you will be part of this revolutionary approach that changes the way concrete is designed, placed & finished, polished and maintained! 


Classes are filling up fast-Sign up Now!


Training Summary

Course and Class Outline:

The course will provide the participant with the following understanding of the objectives below:

- The definition of a polished concrete floor
- The type of equipment required for polished concrete
- Diamond tooling  technology
- How to specify ground and polished concrete
- The steps required to install a polished concrete flooring system
- How to achieve and understand full surface refinement
- DOI, haze, gloss and the measurement tools used to verify these processes 
- Densifying treatments and stain protection
- Coloring systems for ground and polished concrete
- Basic mix design requirements for polished concrete
- Slab evaluation, surface preparation and floor moisture concerns
- Maintenance for ground and polished concrete
- Sustainable contributions for ground and polished concrete


This course is based on industry standards and relevant information.  The presentation offers information not found in typical training programs. The level of educational content in this program is of the highest level.  Our course developer is a voting member on 2 - ACI committees and has more than 35 years experience in the concrete industry. Attendees will receive certification documents upon completion of this course.

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Meet Your Trainer: Clark BranumClark Branum

Clark Branum is the ULTRAFLOR Program Manager and Trainer for Diamatic USA. Branum has logged more than 30 years in the concrete industry.

He began his career in the Seattle area spending more than 24 years as flatwork finisher. He has worked throughout the Northwest including Alaska. He went on to develop and conduct distributor and contractor training programs for Brickform Products in the United States and internationally, Serving as they’re Technical Director.

Branum serves on the board of directors of the Decorative Concrete Council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) and is a member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI). He is currently serving on two ACI committees: 601-D Certification Committee for Decorative Concrete Finishers and C-310 Design and Construction Practices for Decorative Concrete.

He also is a lecturer at Cal State Chico for the CIM (Concrete Industry Management Program), and works on projects with the students as much as his time will allow.

He has been a regular speaker at the World of Concrete and he has worked on projects worldwide including; Hong Kong Disney, Venetian Macao, and Top City Beijing China. He currently resides in the Seattle area with his family.